SPC Meeting 9th Dec 2014

SPC Meeting on 9th. Dec. 2014. See how many poems 14 people can find on the theme of Friendship.

Some members reported difficulties in immediately finding material but the results repaid their hard work as there was a rewarding range of poems to listen to.

Shakespeare was popular and Tennyson featured with a section from his poem ‘In Memoriam’ which was a requiem for his Cambridge friend Arthur Hallam who died suddenly while still a young man. Another member read ‘Break, Break, Break’ which was Tennyson’s elegy to the same person.

The afternoon began with a reading of Jean Sprackland’s poem ‘An Old Friend Comes To Stay,’ where the friend is something of a ghostly presence. There were poems about the dead and the remembered, both male and female friendships as in Walt Whitman’s ‘We Two Boys Clinging Together’ and Liz Lochhead’s ‘The Choosing ‘ and, among others, a poem entitled ‘The Flying Bum’ by William Plomer which was once recorded by Dylan Thomas.


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