My neighbour, Betty, used to look in my many poetry books for poems for SPC meetings. I had to wait until I had retired from teaching before I could join her. It was a very elderly group then and I was amused at a member coming in with two cushions, one to sit on and one for her back, just like I do now!

It wasn’t long before I became Assistant Secretary and soon after that, Secretary when Beth Fender moved to Belper. I enjoyed helping to organize the 80th. and 90th. Anniversary Celebrations, and to see the publication of Perspectives for the 50th anniversary of the Writers’ Group. I stayed on for eleven years as Secretary, too long.

One of our members got round the rule of not reading your own poems by getting our actress member to read them for him. Another member, years ago, used to read rather spicy poems and our then President suggested it was not the sort of poetry for our meetings. I recall chanting om . . . . m at his funeral.

The first poem I wrote was for my school magazine. Beth Fender asked me to come along to Shortlands Writers’ Group. This year, 2015, is twenty-five years since I joined Shortlands Poetry Circle – a happy time.

1 thought on “LESLEY McLETCHIE

  1. Alfie Stanger

    Hi Lesley I think you are a friend of my Mother Margaret Stanger (Mackay) I have some important information I’d like to share with you, hope to hear from you Alfie.



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