Well Done Keith!

We are delighted to announce that Keith Massey, who joined us recently, has won an award in the Four Counties Poetry Competition which this year was open to poets connected to Greater London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex. He will be going to the awards ceremony in Brighton on Feb. 25th. as the competition was initiated by the Rottingdean Writers’ Group. The judge was John McCullough, academic and prize-winning author of ‘The Frost Fairs’ published by Salt .

Here’s Keith’s winning poem :


How deftly the armadillo’s
tectonic plates rehearse the slide
of land and archipelagos
over a deliquescent globe.

See the perforations of its
intricate river systems,
etched crystalline
along the wings of dragonflies.

Note how the pitted, blistered crabs
display their craters;
small planets orbiting
between tide and light.

See the field of atlas Friesans
each carrying its unique maps;
unexplored, bulging continents,
floating in creamy seas.

We can survey the earth
with satellite astonishment;
but not our secret sudden legends,
the cherished cloud that’s dragonish.

Keith Massey


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