The Summer Celebration June 23rd. at Ripley Arts Centre

Kate Foley

Kate Foley

Someone was heard to say, ‘This is the best so far!’ then added, ‘But I said that last year!’ There’s no doubt that the Summer Celebration is eagerly anticipated, and the guests invited to read from their work comment on the pleasant venue and the attentive hearing they receive. They undoubtedly enjoy the buffet tea as well, provided by members of the SPC.

This year we invited Kate Foley and Katherine Gallagher to read to us, two very experienced poets each with several full collections of poetry and some chapbooks published. Both are generous with their time, giving readings and conducting workshops to help others.

Kate divides her time between Suffolk and Amsterdam and has had a varied career beginning as a midwife, followed by the conservation of delicate archaeological material. She became Head of English Heritage’s scientific and technical research. During all this time she has been writing poetry and now has more time to pursue this art often choosing to work with artists from other disciplines.

Katherine Gallagher

Katherine Gallagher

Katherine comes from Bendigo, Australia and has lived in London since 1979. She is very active in the world of poetry and highly acclaimed for the subtlety and grace of her work. It has been described as ‘delicate straight talking.’ ‘Carnival Edge’ her New and Selected Poems came out in 2010 published by Arc Publications.


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