Meeting on 23rd. Feb. Theme -Hospitals and Maladies

We feared the worst and got the best. It was far from being all doom and gloom for there was just the right leavening of humour at our human frailties from Ogden Nash and Hilaire Belloc. Hospital experiences were well represented with such poems as ‘Diagnosis’ by Elizabeth Jennings, ‘Outpatient Appointment’ by Beverley Ferguson, ‘Lost In The Hospital’ by Rafael Campo, ‘In Hospital’ by Boris Pasternak to mention a few. Shakespeare and Keats both had a showing with Shakespeare’s Sonnet No 147 and an excerpt from Keats’ ‘Ode To Melancholy’, and there were two poems from Christopher Reid’s book ‘The Scattering.’ There was a birth too with Mel Pryor’s poem, ‘Spring Birth.’ All in all a truly representative group of poems on a theme visited and re-visited by poets down the ages.

Hilaire Belloc


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