An Evening of Poetry and Neuroscience at the UCL Feb. 22nd 2016

Two of our members were involved in this event , Sezgin Kemal as an organiser and Anne Stewart as one of three invited poets. The other two were Joelle Taylor, professional spoken word artist, published poet and playwright and Alan Brownjohn, at one time poetry editor of The New Statesman and Chair of the Poetry Society. The evening was jointly hosted by the UCL Institute of Education, Radical Neuroscience Research at UCL, St. Olave’s Grammar School and The Royal Society of Arts.

To a full audience containing many young people Anne Stewart, Joelle Taylor, and Alan Brownjohn read a selection of their poems and Hamish Stewart said something about Radical Neuroscience at UCL explaining that by 2050 their research into Alzheimers will benefit a million people a year in the UK. The UCL is second only to Harvard in this area and Professor John Hardy won the Breakthrough Prize for his work.

It was a fascinating mix and left one wondering which areas of the brain are lit up by the writing and performance of poetry. The poets were invited to take part in a discussion at the end of the evening and talked about their experience of the poetic process.


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