Meeting on 10th. May

Members came to the meeting well-prepared to read poems by Ruth Padel and Ruth Fainlight, two very prolific and accomplished contemporary poets.

Ruth Padel is a poet, novelist, conservationist, critic and first Writer in Residence at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. She has published nine poetry collections. Ruth is the great-great granddaughter of Charles Darwin and in our meeting several members read from her collection Darwin: A Life in Poems, especially pertinent as we are not too far from Darwin’s home at Down House.

Ruth Fainlight is an award-winning poet and translator who has published thirteen collections of poetry. Her work has spanned five decades and she is known for writing about apparently ordinary things while investing them with greater significance. Many people in our group came along with her poem ‘Handbag’ in case there was a chance to read it but, knowing it would be a popular choice, made sure they had others.

Our choice of poems was pretty well equally divided between the two poets – unplanned felicity or did some members make a conscious decision to divide their time between the two?


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