Out In The Community.

Queen Elizabeth House, Southborough Rd. Bickley

Having put together a collection of thirteen poems we thought the residents might enjoy, four of us read them on the afternoon of Sept. 30th. at Queen Elizabeth House, Bickley. We had been invited for tea before the reading began and were made very welcome by staff and residents alike.

“Our readers getting ready to entertain the residents at Queen Elizabeth House.”

“Our readers getting ready to entertain the residents at Queen Elizabeth House.”

The sound system at the home was used in combination with parts of ours and we managed to be heard in spite of whistles and feedback although some residents had more difficulty then others. The space was large and maybe, with hindsight, some of the seating could have been closer so that everybody could hear.

Our programme began with Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’ and ended with ‘The Lake Isle Of Innisfree’ by Yeats. In between was ‘Did I Turn Off My Tongs’ by Pam Ayres, ‘Old Sam’ by Stanley Holloway and Edward Lear’s ‘The Owl and the Pussycat.’ When we asked for requests these were varied, with ‘Vespers’ by A.A. Milne, John Of Gaunt’s speech from ‘Richard 11’, Portia’s speech from ‘The Merchant Of Venice’ and Browning’s ‘Home Thoughts From Abroad.’

We are very grateful to Christina for allowing the event to happen and encouraging the residents to attend. It was a very pleasant afternoon and a return visit has been requested.


This is currently being organized with requests to St. Olave’s School to provide the drama and to Bromley Youth Music Trust to send some of their young musicians. Members of our Writers Group are arranging a programme of poetry.

The event will take place Sat. November 26th. at 7p.m. under the title ‘Strictly Ripley.’ Tickets will be £10 and it should be a very good evening.


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