SPC Meeting on Sept. 27th. 2016

Elizabethan Poetry and Earlier

The meeting began with a talk by Mavis Robinson on early poetry. She talked, among other things, about the metre used in Anglo-Saxon poetry and where it flourished and took place, providing ample illustrations. Her knowledge informed her choice of reading when she gave us an excerpt from ‘The Seafarer’ and an excerpt from ‘the Dream Of The Rood’ – a riddle, the answer to which turned out to be an onion.

Earlier poems read by our members were by Dante, Peter Abelard, Caedmon and John Skelton. The Elizabethans were amply represented in poems by Ben Jonson, Robert Greene, Edmund Spenser, Sir Philip Sidney, Michael Drayton and of course Shakespeare himself. There was a palpable feeling of closeness to these people who lived and loved, took joy in the seasons and suffered the loss of dear ones.


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