Meeting on Jan. 10th. Open Choice

This was the first meeting after Christmas and sixteen members came with their own choice of poems. Keith Massey, who used to attend regularly, has now moved to the Chichester area and is much missed although he has promised to drop in from time to time.

As always the choices were diverse and included one poem written by a 12 year old. T. S. Eliot was well-represented with an extract from ‘Prufrock’ and the whole of ‘Skimbleshanks The Railway Cat.’ There was both a sonnet by Shakespeare and a poem about Shakespeare by Matthew Arnold . One member read an excerpt from Homer’s Odyssey, translated by Brian Fitzgerald and the shortest poem was undoubtedly ‘Fog’ by Carl Sandburg. e e cummings’ ‘nobody loses all the time’ was enjoyed and there were, in keeping with the season, two poems called January, one by Douglas Gibson and the other by Liz Cowley,


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