Meeting on Jan 24th Clare, Hood, Tennyson

Seventeen members attended this meeting where poems by Alfred Tennyson. Thomas Hood and John Clare were read. During the afternoon we listened to 19 poems by Tennyson, 7 by Hood and 7 by Clare. When it came to Tennyson it was no surprise that people chose to read poems like Crossing The Bar , The Eagle and The Charge Of The Light Brigade.

Excerpts from his longer poems were also read,three from In Memoriam, one from The Lotos Eaters and one from Morte d’Arthur.

One member read extracts from Thomas Hood’s A Tale of a Trumpet which begins, ‘Of all old women hard of hearing/ The deafest, sure, was Dame Eleanor Spearing!’ and the chosen passages went at a canter with some witty rhyming. Clare’s most well known poem, ‘I Am’ was chosen as was The Thrushes Nest and Mary, I Sleep With Thee. Our Twitter account received a ‘like’ from the John Clare Society.

John Clare Society


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