Penge Poetry Festival

Sent from Chris O’Shaughnessy.

Here is a copy of the Penge Festival Poetry Competition Guidelines.
Please ask to have this uploaded this onto the Shortlands Poetry Circle
website. The competition is open to the whole of London this year,
which includes Greater London.

The entry fee for up to three poems is still £3.00. The entry address
has changed though so previous entrants need note this. We are having
an additional new prize: a Young Poet’s Prize of £50 and a book of
Walter de la Mare’s poetry. Entrants for this must be 18 or under and
write their age and poem title(s) on the sealed envelope containing
their name and contact details. All is explained the guidelines.

The poetry awards will be given after my talk on Friday June 16 at the
Bridge House Theatre. Giles will again present the prizes. Again all
information is given on the Entry Guidelines.

We do hope a lot of your members send entries.

Penge Poetry Festival

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