Dec. 4th. A Visit to Queen Elizabeth House, Bickley

Dec. 4th. A Visit to Queen Elizabeth House, Bickley

Nola Turner organized a visit to Queen Elizabeth House and devised a programme where Mavis Robinson, Loraine Saacks, Ruth Smith and Nola herself read poems to the residents.

The performance was in four parts, starting with ‘Rhymes From Childhood’ which evoked memories in some members of the audience.

The next section contained old favourites such as John Masefield’s ‘Cargoes’ and, as it was winter, Shakespeare’s ‘When Icicles hang by the wall’

This was followed by a collection of less familiar poems the residents might enjoy and a final section of Christmas poems including ‘Benjamin Zephaniah’s ‘Talking Turkey.’ beginning, ‘Be nice to yu turkeys dis Christmas’

The residents were not sat in rows, audience-style, but were both in front and behind us so we increasingly adopted a kind of ‘promenade’ style of delivery, moving around from resident to resident. The home’s microphone was unfortunately not available on the day but the poems seemed to be enjoyed.

Queen Elizabeth House

Queen Elizabeth House



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