Meeting of 27th. February — Poets of Spain and Latin America

There was a thinner turnout than usual owing to blizzarding snow but, given the weather, it was surprising so many people attended. We also had an invited guest from The Dulwich Library Poetry Group. Wendy Williams told us a little about her group which has about twenty members and meets once a month at the library.

Like the SPC it is a reading group with a programme that allows for the work of individual poets and poems on a theme to be shared. The continuance of the group has sometimes been in doubt, not because of any lack of enthusiasm from the membership but because of decisions from above. These however have protested by a loyal membership and the group continues.

We welcomed Wendy’s presence and hope to return the visit.

Frederico Garcia Lorca

Frederico Garcia Lorca

Everyone enjoyed searching out poems to read for this session and many members gave some background information about the poets they had chosen. It was felt that there was a distinct flavour to these poems in terms of imagery and flow and some were very moving. Pablo Neruda featured largely. There were poems by Frederico Garcia Lorca, as you might expect and two by Octavia Paz.

Other poems read were by Bernado Atxago, Luz del Alba Nicola, Antonio Machado (3 poems) Juan Jimenez, Antonio Garronda, Juan Jiminez, Jorge Maurique, Julia Piera, Cezar Vallejo, Gabrielle Mistral and anon. The latter was the ballad-like ‘Poem of El Cid.’ A touch of the south on a snowy day.

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