Bromley Arts Council / Health & Safety Risk Assessment, 18th March 2018

Bromley Arts Council / Health & Safety Risk Assessment, 18th March 2018 Shortlands Poetry Circle, AGM, report by Anne Stewart

Last time I read the report (our chosen way to meet
the Council’s Risk Assessment strategy)
there was a challenge laid down: ‘Next time’
someone said, ‘we want it done in poetry!’

Well, poetry’s a tough one for such a serious matter
(seeking, as it is, to help you to avoid
unpleasant injury), but rhyme’s achievable
and easier to do in the time I can afford…

So… Most Risks – Same As Everywhere: you might be
run over in the car park, trip up or down the steps,
there might be cold spells causing snow and ice and hot
and sudden spillages around teapots and cups…

Then there’s Particularly At Ripley: there might be
bustling in the kitchen, excited children in the corridors,
scalding water around the urn and the kitchen taps,
and polished, therefore potentially slippery, floors.

On tea duty, there’s backward walking with the trolley,
so you’ll need your trolley partner on the alert,
and there are those little lifts required from room
to corridor to room, so, please be careful of your back.

The P A System – two mic-stands, light enough to be
knocked down – potential shocks as it pulls out the leads –
and you tumbling after, and that is why the speaking-stand has
an obstacle in front, and a bright red visual alert around its feet.

The Committee are asked not to forget that Ripley
requires us to have the equipment regularly checked
and to have the Portable Appliance Testing* Certificate
renewed, so that it’s never beyond its expiry date.

Then there may be an Emergency requiring Evacuation.
If so, gather on the corner of Sundridge Avenue
– opposite the post box (no roads to cross) – AND
the Declared Count must be taken too …

… because it’s for the head-count, to check
that no one has been left behind in danger…
So pay attention please, with eyes and wits,
and that’ll Keep You Safer At The Centre.

Anne Stewart

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