Re: Poetry Reading Group at Dulwich Library

A copy of the letter sent out by Wendy Williams after a visit by three of us to the Poetry Reading Group at Dulwich Library.

Re: Poetry Reading Group at Dulwich Library

Dear All,

We had a great time at the poetry group a few weeks ago. Our subject was calamities, and they came in all shapes and sizes, from wars to lost glasses. Some of them were very sad and serious, and others amusing, so we had a well-rounded selection. Three ladies from the Shortlands Poetry group joined us, and they contributed some excellent material, too.

These are the poems we heard at our last meeting:- From the line (Kerr); The Mistake (Fenton); On the loss of The Royal George (Cowper); Alarm at first entering the Yangtze gorges (Anon); A Panic attack (Stevens); The Sounds crowds make (Moore); Casey at the bat (Taylor); Aviators (Armitage); The Vegetable garden and the runaway horse (Ayres); Catastrophe (Zaman); The Water roars and keeps on roaring (Kemenes); Remember me? (Mather); Does it matter? (Sassoon); The Wreck of the Deutschland [part] (Hopkins); The Gasman cometh (Flanders and Swann); In my own hands (Marks); Stacey (Luke); Abandoned (Sweeney); Reading scheme (Cope); Disconnection and reconnection (Johnson); Ayers Rock (Ayres); Very old man (Henry); Cain (Kemenes); Just like a man (Anon); Fallen (Corbin); The Last poem (Desnos); Boy with orange (Kramer); Calamity (Gibi); Organised am I (Fox); The Shirt (Moore); The Reluctant bride (Turner); Love song for a man with 100 pairs of glasses (Seborn); Please will you take your children home before I do them in (Ayres); Warning (Joseph).

Our meetings are held on the first Friday of each month – the next one will be on 5th October, from 2 until 3.30pm. Our subject will be Elizabethan poets. Please also bring ideas for our new list of subjects, which I will be compiling shortly.

I hope to see you many of you next week.

Love and Best Wishes


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