November Meetings 2019

Meeting of Nov. 12th. Landmarks.

This is a subject that appears at first glance to be challenging. It can be written about in so many ways – not just in poems about architectural or scenic landmarks but about anything that marks our passage – ceremonies, outstanding events, turning points, realisations.

Meeting of Nov. 26th.

 This was the day of the two Mary’s – Mary Wilson, wife of the ex Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson, and Mary Oliver the American poet who has recently died.

On the occasion of her death, Stephanie Burt of The New Yorker,’ wrote,“ ‘The utmost of ambition’ Robert Frost once wrote. ‘is to lodge a few poems where they will be hard to get rid of, not on university syllabi but in the memory of a generation.’ Few poets achieved this more evidently, or more obviously than Mary Oliver.”

Although Mary Wilson would probably not have placed herself on this level she nevertheless wrote some comely poems and with real feeling. At this meeting 17 of Mary Oliver’s poems were read and six of Mary Wilson’s.

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