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March 13th. Annual General Meeting

With eighteen members in attendance the Annual General Meeting was held.

The current President and her Committee will all be staying on and their reports were accepted by members.

An unusual report was given by our Health and Safety Risk Assessment officer in the form of a poem and people say they remember it better that way.

Maybe everything should be in verse! Members read one poem of their own choice when the main business was concluded :-

The 104th. Annual General Meeting

The 104th Annual General Meeting of the Circle ran smoothly last Tuesday and the current officers and Committee were approved for 2015-16. We will need a Treasurer as from the autumn and a Minute Secretary in the foreseeable future, so volunteers are sought.

Members read one poem each of their own choice, and as ever we managed to find some interesting pieces. Novelist John Updike was also a poet, it seems, and had studied Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Art, Cambridge. Ted Hughes wrote well for children and Sean O’Brien knows a thing or two about librarians. Diane read “The Year of the Tree” by Katherine Gallagher who is included in the recently published anthology of women poets “Her wings of glass” and who will be reading from her published works at our Summer Celebration (see below).

“Her wings of glass: ambitious poems by contemporary women poets” eds Myra Schneider, Penelope Shuttle, Dilys Wood. Published by Second Light Publications. ISBN978-0-9927088-0-1. 207 pages of work by some of the best women poets around. For details and purchases email info@secondlightlive.co.uk