Welcome To Shortlands Poetry Circle.

Over 100 years of poetry appreciation. Members & visitors meet twice a month during term time to share poems on particular topics or by particular poets. Visitors are very welcome. Just turn up or contact us. Come and join us for the pleasure of poetry in a friendly atmosphere (bring 2 poems to read, but not your own, 1 must be short) and a long chat over tea and biscuits.

President: Ruth Smith    020 8460 3062.
Membership Secretary: Christine Pope 020 8464 9810

How To Find Us: Click here for directions.

A Potted History Of Shortlands Poetry Circle. Click Here

About  Poetry

‘If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.’
Emily Dickinson

Using The Links To Find Events

Although a selection of poetry events is published on this blog, the link to The Poetry Library (on the right hand side of the page) offers much more. Besides News, Events and Competitions you can search the Poetry Library catalogue and see which magazines are stocked.
Give it a try.

Stop Press:

Spring Program 2019

Poetry and Prosecco

Meeting of November 13th 2018 Arrivals and Departures

Meeting of 27th. November The poetry of Michael Longley, Sean O’Brien and Robin Robertson 

Stablemates Nov. 14th 2018

Poetry Events

We try to share information about poetry events and readings. Ann Barlow is especially good at this and told us about a stage adaptation of Alice Oswald’s poem ‘Memorial’ at The Barbican and an event at The National Portrait Gallery where poets Innua Ellams and Sinead Morrissey paid tribute to Seamus Heaney. Ann of course went to both.


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