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Patsy Paine I have been married for sixty years this May and my army life with John took us to sixteen homes all over the world, including three and a half years in Berlin with the wall being built and an exotic year in Malaya.

Our three daughters were born in Yorkshire, Dorset and Hanover and this brought hours of Nursery Rhymes, often during long journeys. I always found poetry in libraries everywhere and I have probably read a poem almost every day since seven years old when a great aunt gave me ‘A Child’a Garland of Verses’, which I still have.

I luckily taught English to sixth forms and one of my happiest teaching memories is of exploring Shakespeare’s sonnets under the willow tree.

I joined the circle in 1993, twenty-two years ago and found it a lovely experience, listening to fellow enthusiasts reading so well and enjoying the research for my choices. I am so glad to have found it, thanks to Jenny who introduced me to it.

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