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The Summer Celebration 2014

Held on June 24th. which turned out to be a fine day, both regular members and guests listened with great pleasure to Nancy Mattson and Michael Bartholomew Biggs reading a selection of their poems. Nancy read mainly from her last published book ‘Finns and Amazons’ which, in one section, contains poems inspired by her great-aunt Lisi’s letters sent in the 1930’s from Soviet Karelia to Saskatchewan where Nancy’s Finnish grandparents had their homesteads.
Michael read some poems from his recent collection ‘Fred and Blossom’ based on the true story of a couple whose romance began in an aeroplane at Shoreham and how they went on to build and design successful light aircraft in the 1930’s. A whole world is celebrated in this collection.

Michael and Nancy are husband and wife and very active on the poetry scene, Michael being editor of the admired online magazine, ‘London Grip’ and co-organising with Nancy the Islington reading series ‘Poetry In The Crypt.’ Both poets were very approachable and several members enjoyed a chat with them after the reading and bought their books.

The buffet tea, as usual, was generously provided by members of the Poetry Circle and on this occasion could be enjoyed either inside or out in the garden. It was satisfying that the event was well attended and we may even have gained new members from their experience of a relaxed and friendly afternoon. Thanks to everyone who made it possible and to Anne Stewart for arranging the reading.

Sept 9th. Talk by Maddy Paxman

After Michael Donaghy’s tragic death at the age of fifty his wife, Maddy Paxman, had to deal not only with her own grief but with the grief of everyone who had met him in his career as well-known poet and musician. The poetry world has never forgotten him. She has recently published a book ‘The Great Below: A Journey Into Loss’ Maddy will talk about her life with Michael and read some of his poems.

The Great Below a Journey Into Loss by Maddy Paxman